"You don't take a good photograph, you make it."

- Ansel Adams

...and for me the best are those created with memories, and the companionship of those with the same interests as mine.


If you want to make friends, learn more about photography and collaborate with other local photographers, keep reading ....


Social Shooting

For a long time I wished I could share my passion for photography with likeminded friends. A year ago I decided to meet with a couple of local chaps I'd spoken to in a local Facebook Photography Group. Not only did I make some amazing friends, but I have learned so much about photography, improved my skills by bouncing ideas off each other and regularly live out my best life doing what I love.

Follow our Facebook Page; Dover Media Group to find other likeminded creatives in your area and start living your best life. We will be advertising social shoots as well as soon starting a social photograpjy group. Or just join for the online content, we are a group designed to support and encourage each other.

TFP Shoots

Whether you are a model looking for portfolio content or even a photographer needing some behind the scenes shots of you doing your thing. Whilst for many of us this is our business, we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate and are happy to hear your ideas!

Get in touch and lets talk!


Join a Camera Club

For many, Camera Clubs have been seen as an 'old boys club', and can be intimidating. I'm not speaking out of turn here, it's something that it is widely accepted. But I'm here to change that view and encourage folks to give it a chance. Our youngest member at Gateway Camera Club is 18, skill levels range from amature to expert and not only have I learnt so much in my short time as co-secretary, but I have made some great friends.


Don't take my word for it, at the moment we're meeting online every Thursday evening at 7:30, get in touch if you'd like to attend or just for now join our facebook group and see what sort of things we are up to; www.facebook.com/GatewayDover