What Would Make You Happy?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

So many people I speak to these days when I ask them how they are; show the telltale signs of unhappiness, or respond with the obligatory 'fine'. Granted, it has always been the case of everyone having their own demons to contend with, whether it was so publicised or not. But now it just seems like...more. It can't be said for all problems (and I'm certainly not qualified to dictate what people should be doing to make positive change), but a lot of the problems I hear about, in some way or another, all lead back to the person feeling like they don't have a sense of control. Whether they don't have control over their finances, their relationships, their health, career, business ... the list goes on.

There is so much about these days encouraging people to speak up and talk to someone about how they are feeling, which is great, and without question the first and absolutely necessary step to healing, which is a challenge all on it's own. But beyond talking about it, what are you actually doing to take control of your happiness?

The only person in control of your happiness is you.

This is something that I lost faith in for a while when things started to reach their peak, but I saw a brilliant quote recently that made me realise how I got that faith back. The quote was 'If you're going through hell, it isn't somewhere you would choose to stop. Keep going.' And I realised that no matter how difficult it was to keep going and move forward, I didn't stop trying to find my happy place. Once I was reacquainted with my faith it was like a warm embrace and the suffocating loneliness I had been feeling began to ebb away. Don't get me wrong I'm by no means at 100% yet, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, and I am quite determined to help others that do not know how to take control of their life; find the answers.

Here are some of the things that I have thought myself or have known others to feel:

'I'm so lonely'

'I'm unhappy in my relationship/marriage'

'I hate my job'

'I can't get the job I want'

'My business is failing'

'I'm always exhausted'

'I'm always ill'

'I hate how I look'

'I'm sick of putting my needs last'

'I'm in so much debt'

... all of these things, as much as they may seem impossible, have a solution, it's just about finding the right one for your circumstances and the only person that is going to make that happen; is you.

Make a vow today that no matter what you are feeling that is making you unhappy, you're going to keep moving forward until you find your solution.

I have met some truly inspirational people over recent weeks who have done precisely that and continue to encourage others to do it for themselves.

Here are some of those people, check them out, you might find something that works for you :)


Rapture Group

'Rapture Engage'

Specialist in Employee Engagement & Management Training, bespoke one on one coaching or group training sessions to progress your career.


'Rapture Photography'

Professional, affordable photography for modelling portfolios as well as head-shots for actors and professional profiles.


Health & Wellbeing

Rebecca Quinn Fitness Professional

Personal trainer and fitness instructor, specialising in women's fitness.


Soothicity Mobile Massage

Holistic Theraputic Massage - known to alleviate muscle tension and mental stress by relaxing mind and body.


Folkestone & District MIND

The mental health charity making sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.



Priya Tourkow

Holistic Psychotherapist specialising in relationship counselling and psycho-sexual therapy. Counselling for Couples and Individuals.


Learning & Development