#TakeControl #Dontfeedthemonster

So, I have this theory….so many of us spend an inordinate amount of time on social media, right? You might think that you don’t but have a think about it; total up how much time you spend on social media a week, month, year…it’s a lot isn’t it? So that’s a lot of exposure to something that I think is actually doing us a lot of harm. Streams and streams of depictions of life that just seem better than our own, fueling this subconscious belief that what we have isn’t good enough or at least not as good as theirs. Not as good as their flawless complexions, figures, family life, social life and general ‘shit togetherness’. A constant (and I mean CONSTANT) reminder that what they have is better. Now consider when you add a selfie say…how many attempts does it take until you got the shot that you want? Be honest! It’s not the first one you take is it? Hands up, I’m totally guilty of the exact same thing. Thankfully I'm not that far gone to be in as deep as this guy!

There is a growing appreciation of this that what we see on social media isn’t real, we all know it. We know that the general ‘shit togetherness’ we see is probably just as far from the truth as our own. So, we accept this, but we carry on doing it. We keep feeding this monster that is crawling its way into our subconscious and fueling this cloud of depression that seems to be hanging over us. So, the obvious answer is to just stop using social media right? I would completely agree, but it’s become such a necessity of life, particularly for business owners, that we are either trapped into using it or addicted. So, if you can’t seem to pull yourself away from it; I have an idea.

As a part of my #takecontrol campaign (more news to follow 😉) I propose; #dontfeedthemonster. #Takecontrol is all about starting to make positive change with your lives, not just talking about it, but actually doing it, and encouraging others to do the same. #dontfeedthemonster is taking a stand against bulls**t; stopping painting this perfect picture of our lives that isn’t real. Want to add a selfie? Add the first one you take… maybe without a filter. Don’t just share the good things about your life, share in the bad too, you’ll be surprised over the amount of people that can relate. Don’t cringe over someone having a meltdown, we ALL have them whether they are publicised or not, if you don’t want to know about it; why are you friends with them? And that brings me to your friends list.

Be honest, how many people are on your friends list that you know shouldn’t be? People that don’t make you feel good about yourself? We avoid unfriending them because you’re making a bit of a statement by doing it. But all the while they are there, you will avoid being the real you because you don’t want them to know that you haven’t got your shit together. If you can relate to this even a bit; go through your friends list and remove anyone you know shouldn’t be there.

#takecontrol of the negative things in your life by taking a stand and #dontfeedthemonster

Get it trending guys, the more of us that are on board with making positive change, the better things will become. Whenever you do something to make a positive change in your life add a #takecontrol. When you add a post that is the real you; add a #dontfeedthemonster. And let’s try and cut down on the amount we use it yeah? I would love to see at the end of the week some posts along the lines of; ‘I reduced the amount I went on social media by 1 hour this week and went to a yoga class instead. Full disclosure; it was great! But blooming heck holding in that fart was a challenge! #dontfeedthemonster #takecontrol

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