How using photos of your staff for marketing can improve productivity

In a time where companies are needing to get on board with being a modern employer more than ever, we are all looking for cost effective things we can do to engage our employees. I myself, am not afraid to admit to having tried the old 'look how cool I am' with dress down Fridays and game consoles in the staff room, and whilst the gestures were appreciated, they were short lived. That's because there is a difference between motivating your staff and engaging them, with short, medium and long term impacts depending on what you do. But that's a story for another time.

To truly engage your employees they need to feel like an important part of the business, to feel like they matter. Now I am sure there is also something to be said for engaging your customers by building relationships with the actual people of the business and not a corporate 'image', and moreover how this will improve sales and long term customer relationships. But what drives productivity are the people behind the production. The more engaged they feel, the more productive they will be, it's a widely accepted and proven fact.

Have a think about your website, your literature, adverts and PR etc. How much of those include stock photography of complete strangers? Whilst it works for you and by all means conveys the image that you want it to, there is a large opportunity being missed by not using your staff as the models. By displaying photos of your staff rather than these strangers you are telling your customers (and in turn your staff) that you are proud to showcase them as the driving force behind your business.

Whatever money you spend on a professional photo shoot (that the staff would actually want, and not a dingy untouched mug shot taken on your phone) will not only be put straight back on the bottom line because it is being spent on your staff, but will increase in value by the extra productivity it produces.

Not moved by the idea of having stiff, swimming certificate smiles on a white background as part of your marketing campaign or corporate image? Neither would I be. With the right photographer and equipment there is very little that can't be done with a bit of creativity.

Having been a Customer Service Director and responsible for the welfare of circa 50 staff myself, staff engagement is a matter I happen to feel very passionate about. With that in mind; all corporate portrait packages Rapture Group provides comes with a free photo sessions for the staff at the same time. They can have these photos on their own or with their colleagues and friends to keep, and take away for themselves.

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