Specialist in Employee Engagement & Management Training 

As an experienced Customer Service Director in the Insurance Industry, Jodie Lingard has a proven track history of leading large scale operations into a modern way of managing. Specializing in Employee Engagement and Management Training, Jodie works with you and your team in breaking down the barrier between the employer and the employee through training, engagement analysis tools and regular coaching. 



Why should you care about Employee Engagement?

Aside from our responsibility as employers to provide a safe, engaging and honest place for employees to work you mean? Yes I know the point in any business is to be profitable, if any action that you take doesn't directly impact the bottom line, why would you do it? Because the indirect approach is far more profitable and sustainable. Getting your staff to optimum engagement benefits everyone; them, your customers and your bottom line. 


How can Rapture Engage help?

Here are just some of the services that we provide, with more under development. Get in touch today for a no obligation consultation on what services are best suited to your organisations' needs.

  • Group and one to one management training

  • Regular management coaching & support 

  • Out of hours management training for staff looking to progress

  • Staff Engagement Analysis

  • Culture and change strategy consultations 

"The results of effective employee engagement management over two years speaks for itself. The effort and cost it takes shouldn't be a challenge, so long as you focus on the details. The bigger picture will look after itself."

- Jodie Lingard

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