If you follow me on social media you will see how I defintely don't fit a mould.... and struggle with conformity lol. Not content to just start a Photography or Design business (among the many other pies I seem to be finding my fingers in) the only sensible thing to do seemed to be to just... wing it and do it all :)

You'll find here on my website mostly everything to do with my creative services, but my background is ...somewhat different. So, I did a thing.

Worked my way up the corporate ladder in an Insurance company from the humble beginnings as a Customer Service Agent right up to Customer Service Director. Loved it. Loved the people. Loved watching people grow. But still felt a very big creative hole in my life. I was at the height of my career and it was definetely a reckless choice to give it all up. But I had to know I could do it myself and it wasn't just circumstance and luck that had got me there. And of course be doing what I love the most, creating! :)

But I really did love my job, particulalry the watching people grow. Which is why I haven't completely cut ties with that life, and why I have left Rapture Group open to other avenues. Eventually, once I have stopped winging it and gained some stability in my new business I will launch Rapture Engage. Focussing on Management Training and Employee Engagement strategies, I will once again spread the Jodie love in the corporate world. But I don't think it would hurt to have a little break first. Until then, join me on my journey as I grow my business in the creative fields and follow my social media accounts...I could do with the likes lol

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