All busineses have a story and its my job to tell the world what that is through a range of visual mediums such as; Photography, Graphic Design and Videography.


If you follow me on social media you will see how I defintely don't fit a mould.... and struggle with conformity lol. Not content to just start a Photography or Design business (among the many other pies I seem to be finding my fingers in) the only sensible thing to do seemed to be to just... wing it and do it all :)

You'll find here on my website mostly everything to do with my creative services, but my background is ...somewhat different. So, I did a thing.

Worked my way up the corporate ladder in an Insurance company from the humble beginnings as a Customer Service Agent right up to Customer Service Director. Loved it. Loved the people. Loved watching people grow. But still felt a very big creative hole in my life. I was at the height of my career and it was definetely a reckless choice to give it all up. But I had to know I could do it myself and it wasn't just circumstance and luck that had got me there. And of course be doing what I love the most, creating! :)

Join me on my journey as I grow my business in the creative fields and follow my social media accounts...I could do with the likes lol

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For Graphic Design and Videography, the more direction and content you provide, the quicker and therefore cheaper your project will be. I of course will provide my professional opinion in the direction of content and will also require a certain amount of artistic license, however I cannot provide content such as body text for literature and video scripts. It is reccomended that this is given some thought and development before work on your project commences.


Specifically with Graphic Design in mind, I will often change medium for a design to aid with a designs progession, depending on my mood. As I can turn my hand to many creative mediums (sketching, digital art, painting etc) If I am not creating what I want with the medium I am using, I will change it to something else that is going to better assist me. So whilst a brain storming session with finger paints is not the most professional look for the inital concepts of a logo design, that is how I roll, and will lead to a much better end result, you'll just have to trust me on this.


I will always provide initial designs and concepts in an unpolished and low resolution format. This is so that I do not spend hours on a design that you then want to alter to something different. Initial drafts will never look as good as the completed ones so do not be concerned if that first set of designs you get do not look as good as the ones that you have seen in my portfolio. It will be at its best in the final draft.


Whether it's Photography. Graphic Design or Videography, a lot of my work requires a certain element of inspiration and being in the right creative mindset. Unfortunately, much like a cat, my creativity comes when it pleases, not when it's called.

For this reason, depending on what mood I am in, I may not progress your work when I planned to. It would be pointless for me to spend hours on a project when I know I am not in the right frame of mind, as whatever I produce will not be what either of us wanted. Most creatives will tell you when you experience a creative block it's best to move onto a different project and come back to what you were doing later. So do not be surprised if you see me working on projects other than yours, sometimes these can be for short periods but can also be longer. I will of course keep you updated if there are any delays.


It is important that if you are in a hurry for the work you have booked that you let me know this up front so I can assess whether I can realistically produce what you need in the timescale you need.

I will however generally quote much longer than is needed on a project to take this into account.



How will I receive my completed work?

Photos: You will receive a link to download your images via our shootproof page for Dover Media Group. From here you can preview, share, faveourite and download your images, you can even purchase high quality prints from our partners at labloxley colours. Video and Graphic Design: I will discuss with you which transfer option would suit you best but you will generally receive a link via email to download your finished product.

How much do you cost?

Talk about budgets, jobs varying extensively and how a price list is not possible.

Who owns the copyright?

When a third party is engaged to take photographs on your behalf, e.g. a professional photographer, the copyright remains with the photographer unless agreed otherwise. This means that if the photographer wishes to use the images for promotional purposes or for use in their portfolio, they may do so. You may revoke this provilidge at any time however and more details can be found in my privacy policy.

When do I pay?

Where necasary I may ask for a deposit up front when booking, however this is not always the case if I do not feel it is necasary, say for example if you are a regular customer or it is a small job. Generally I request that payment of your invoice is completed in full within 7 days of completion of your work. There will be a 25% Late payment fee if payments are not made within 30 days.

Does it cost extra if I want to make changes?

I will generally include alterations into the initial quote, as this is to be expected in my line of work. That said however if alterations are requested after inital changes have been discussed and the work completed, then yes there will be an additional charge. The cost for this can vary extensively from job to job and specification of the alterations.

Will you retouch my photos?

I work within a rule of; if you would expect it to still be there in a month then it stays. So for example, blemishes you would expect to go, but scars would stay. Otherwise whilst I generally colour my photos to my own style I try not to retouch photos much unless asked to, depending on the extent requested may incur an additional charge.

Will you caption/subtitle my videos for me?

Not currently. This is a service I am looking to provide with the increasing need for subtitles on social media platforms, however with the rates that I charge, the amount of time that this would take me is much more than the value of the job I have charged for. This however will become an add on soon.

Can you manage my social media account?

No. Whilst my line of work provides you with the content for your social media platforms, to manage this and even grow or engage with your following, is another line of work entirely, and not a service that I provide. I do however work with several companies and can make reccomdations that would suit your needs.