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The face behind the business; Jodie Lingard; Photographer, Designer, candlestick maker ...



From weddings to boudoir and everything in between. Check out our range of photography services, whatever your needs.


Rapture specializes in creative services that take your passion and reach your audience in an exciting way. Whether it's a total rebrand or just a quick custom design.


Browse artwork by Jodie Lingard or find out more about how you can get high quality images of your own work for reproduction.


Feeling inspired and want to create some of your own artwork? Browse and buy for yourself or someone else from our art supplies store.

Sally Ann Curd

Very impressed with how relaxing and efficient Jodie is, made the whole process alot easier. Love my photos they are professional yet show my personality which is perfect for my professional profiles.

Sara Sheppard

Jodie is fantastic at making people feel at ease! I love the photos that she took for me, which I will use for updating my website and social media over the coming weeks. For once I did not hate having my photos taken and really enjoyed the experience. Thank you Jodie.

Jonathan Simpson

Jodie produced some wonderful portrait photos (of me, for professional publicity) succeeding where several others had failed dismally. Who said you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear? Jodie did! So rewarding to find a true professional who really knows her stuff. Many thanks.

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